Organic geochemistry’s contribution to major questions in Geobiology & Astrobiology

An excellent overview by Prof. Roger Summons of how the field of organic geochemistry, such as that conducted in the Summons Lab in MIT, can contribute to many of the major questions in Geobiology & Astrobiology. This video is a production by Science for the Public.

New paper in Continental Shelf Research

New paper in press reporting the first in-depth investigation of sedimentary bacteria in the western Irish Sea, and their spatial distributions in this shallow high productivity setting. Here is a link to the paper on sciencedirect. This research was funded by the Irish Research Council, the Irish Marine Institute, the Geological Survey of Ireland andContinue reading “New paper in Continental Shelf Research”

Education & outreach activities in 2015

In April 2015, I was delighted to be involved with the MIT and NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) education and outreach activities for the Cambridge Science Festival at MIT Museum, and also the Science Carnival & Robot Zoo at Cambridge Latin and Rindge School. At the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo, we were among dozens of exhibitors on aContinue reading “Education & outreach activities in 2015”

Astrobiology Science Conference, Chicago

The Astrobiology Science Conference 2015 (AbSciCon2015) was held at the Hilton in Chicago on June 15-19. The conference brings together scientists who work on the interdisciplinary field of astrobiology, and the focus of AbSciCon 2015 was on habitability in our solar system and beyond, and the origin and evolution of life on early Earth. OnContinue reading “Astrobiology Science Conference, Chicago”