I am currently a part-time lecturer in environmental policy and legislation in Dublin City University. The course provides a foundation for environmental science students in international, European and Irish national policy and legislation on various environmental topics – nature & biodiversity, water, waste, soil, climate & energy.

Previously, I have taught the following undergraduate and postgraduate courses and modules:

Global Climates,  DCU School of History and Geography. First year course (class size 120).

Climate Change, Causes and Consequences. DCU School of History and Geography. Second year coarse (class size 80)

Advanced analytical instrumentation, DCU School of Chemical Sciences. MSc course

Physical and Inorganic Chemistry laboratories, DCU School of Chemical Sciences. Second year undergraduate course

Practical Chemistry laboratories, DCU School of Chemical Sciences. First year undergraduate course


Below is a list of some of the research students I have advised and mentored.

Yongli Zhou (MIT) Visiting undergraduate researcher

Currently: Senior at University of Science and Technology of China


Alexis Cueller (MIT) Undergraduate researcher

Currently: Undergraduate in Bioengineering at MIT


Sarah Hurley (DCU) Undergraduate researcher

Currently: Medical Laboratory Aide at MedLab Pathology


Caitriona Buggle (DCU) Undergraduate researcher

Currently: Science Communicator


Kevin Harte (DCU) Undergraduate researcher

Currently: Laboratory analyst at The Water Lab

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